2 Plus 2 = 7

Or the Lesson

Blues Legend Hugh Barnes is set to perform one last time, unfortunately, his only performance maybe a fight for his life. Known for wowing crowds with his changing melodic vocal warmth, Barnes now has to navigate between staffs.

From the mind of Grace Flores under the direction of Reuben J. Tapp, 2 Plus 2=7 or The Lesson, reminds us to remember the essential things in life: your family, your name/reputation, and your health.  Accolades can feel superb, but without the essentials, their sustainable effect will be only fleeting; supporting a milestone of regrets around the neck of its wearer.

Reality can be subjective when you are dealing with brain health.  What is present may not be and what was could be, a looping mirage of past exploits and travails.

Where do you go to escape if the place you are trapped is...YOUR MIND?



Who can you trust?  What are you able to believe?  Are you able to add up the situation and come to a conclusion?


Starring Kat Rina Davis, Aceyon Owens, Reuben  J. Tapp, Latasha Davis Drumgoole,  Wesena Smith, and Latrell Hall


It has a little mixture of the illusion of The Sixth Sense(1999) and mystery of Gothika(2003) to have you talking, scratching your head, and focusing on more of the essentials in your life.



Come see it in person Tuesday, March 26-30, 2019 at 7:30PM. MuCCC Theatre 142 Atlantic Ave.  Rochester, NY

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