Teen Acting Classes

Ages 13-18

Acting gives teens better tools in their arsenal to communicate.  Through games and exercises, teens learn better how they affect other and how they are affected by others and situations. We try to structure classes so that the participants experience techniques, then process on what it is that has been experienced.  This allows classes to be lively, yet informative and allows the participants to be introspective in what they are feeling with their emotions and how they express them.

                 WHAT'S THE COST? 

Our sessions start from $10 for approximately a 45min session.  Sessions are booked 6 sessions at a time or individually at $12 a session.



We utilize various techniques from Spolin and Hagen to Guskin and Meisner.  Participants will receive homework of which they will have the week to work on to showcase in class.  Some sessions will also utilize video/script work.


Purchase your course today. Purchase either the ongoing Teen Classes, the Intro Teen Acting I, Into Teen Acting II Courses, Acting Troupe, and Intro Acting for Camera I.

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