No Bad News

September 15, 2019  5:30 PM

172 Atlantic Ave.

Rochester, NY

stories of women's health issues

Regulating your health can be a daunting task, especially when you find yourself having to come to terms with things you have been putting off.  From the mind of Karen Culley under the direction of Reuben J. Tapp, No Bad News puts the audience on a journey into minds, hearts...and fears.

Six women place us right in the middle of a health crisis, all different, yet all connected, like a fusion of the movie Crash(2004) with the play Kaleidoscope (2017).  Oddly in walking toward their fears, the women find life has more to offer them. Life is stranger than fiction, but when the reality is mixed, how do you interpret what's strange?

Just because you don't talk about it doesn't mean it's not there.  In the "shadows of our minds" holds the answers...and the secrets we tell ourselves. There lie the questions:

Heroin can be purchased, but can it really be... managed?  Horses are bridled, but where does that metaphor end... or does it?  To fall is human, but where does nature end when you are pushed?  Or slapped? Or when you are eating yourself to death?

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*Náfsi means "soul" in the language of Swahili.

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