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ANANSI TALES FOR THE HOLIDAYS: BR'ER RABBIT ed is a mixture of African, Caribbean, and African American folklore presented in interactive theatre, storytelling, and puppetry.  Folktales are stories that are traditionally passed from generation to generation orally to teach a lesson, gain insight on specific situations, or as a pass-time.

ANANSI TALES FOR THE HOLIDAYS: BRÉR RABBIT edition tells the story of African American trickster folktales. This time around the Anansi Tales cast highlights African American folktales primarily from the trickster, Brér Rabbit.


Anansi Tales for the Holidays is a revival of folklore children's theater that is fun for the entire family. Special kids seating available so that they can get up close into the action and be apart of the show.

$5 per child/$15 adult price one child free advance price, $20 adult price one child free at the door

Cast includes:  Samiyyah Turner, Kim Moronski, Sadiyyah Turner, Kenya Malcolm, Maria Scipione, Zakiyah Phelps, Josiah Tapp, Allana Jackson, Reuben J. Tapp, Rehani Tapp

Our great cast of Griots or storytellers will put the story right in your family's hearts and minds. Anansi shares these tales with the whole family making the holiday season a time of communal sharing.  

{theatre}+{náfsi} shares these tales with the whole family showing "brains" is always a great option when dealing with obstacles.   This interactive production further enhances and frames the holiday season as a time of communal sharing.

Photo Credit: Karen Culley


ANANSI TALES FOR THE HOLIDAYS: BRÉR  RABBIT ed has special seating for kids that might want a closer look at the interactive action.  Kids will be asked to be apart of the play from time to time throughout the performance, playing villagers, hornets, calabash, and animals.



​Don't miss our Children's Puppet/mask making Workshop on Saturday, 1/5/20 from 11:30-1:30 PM. Kids will learn and make their very own puppet/mask. Kids will then become part of the 1/5/20 afternoon show as one of the animals in the forest with their mask or puppet made in the workshop. Workshop Price: $25 per child which includes kids admission into the 2 PM show

{theatre}+{náfsi}* is an Black Repertory Theater, a subsidiary of the Maplewood Performing Arts Centre, meaning it produces and presents artistic performances that illuminate the human condition through the prism of the people of the African Diaspora (i.e. African -American, African, Afro-Latino, Afro-Caribbean, etc.).{theatre}+{náfsi} presents original works, established works, for adults and children's theater. The goals are to increase consistent representation of African-American theatrical artists, plays, and developing audiences that value those experiences. We hope you will join us. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out the latest of projects.*Náfsi means "soul" in the language of Swahili.

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